PENTA-CARE, a division of the prestigious PENTACORP Group, headquartered in Dubai, has established its global presence in multiple trading domains including metals, materials, commodities, renewable energy, e-mobility and healthcare. Our healthcare division prides itself in sourcing cutting-edge equipment from leading brands for use in hospitals, diagnostics and laboratories, as well as a myriad range of generic and emergency pharmaceutical drugs, and recently, medicines to treat COVID symptoms too.

Our Philosophy

PENTA-CARE collaborates with renowned manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to ensure the highest standards across their product portfolio. Our team of experts include pharma specialists, sourcing engineers and biomedical engineers who assure our clients of reliability through genuine, superior quality brands. All test certificates are validated by international testing laboratories. Every piece of equipment is secured with industry-leading warranty terms, and online or on-site technical support is provided wherever required.

What We Offer

PENTACARE supplies a wide range of equipment from various brands of international repute. From regular beds and ICU beds that offer a full range of features to meet demanding conditions, to ventilators for invasive or non-invasive use as well as for transportation in ambulances, helicopters of emergency flights, we can provide any kind of equipment that may be used in healthcare and hospital industries.

Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilators

PENTACARE thoroughly understands the significance of ventilators in critical care and provides invasive andnon-invasive ventilators equipped with some of the most advanced features, for various emergency requirements at any hospital. They also offer transportable ventilators for use or for movement via ambulances, helicopters or emergency flights.

ICU Beds

PENTACARE provides beds for regular use in various wards of a hospital as well as specialized ICU beds with multiple in-built features suited to emergency care. ICU beds can be electrically controlled, converted to cardiac chair or Trendelenburg positions, have in-built IV hooks for ease in mobility and often have in-built nurse controls.

Dry Flourescence Immunoassay Analyser (Portable)

PENTACARE sources a superior range of dry fluorescence immunoassay analysers that provide quantitative, quick and highly sensitive results when it comes to testing of blood, blood plasma or other samples. They make for the perfect portable tool in small labs and emergency facilities where a range of diagnostic markers to detect infections, inflammations, diabetes, thyroid and vitamin deficiencies, can be reliably evaluated in a short span of time.

COVID Medicines

PENTACARE keeps up with the times by easily procuring medicines used in hospitals and emergency rooms to treat COVID symptoms and any related complications.

Laboratory and Testing Equipment

PENTACARE specialises in complete diagnostic equipment used in laboratories and medical testing. Recently, we have even begun offering a full range of rapid and RT-PCT test kits for COVID and SARS detection in Asia and Europe.

Generic Medicines and Emergency Medicines

PENTACARE collaborates with reputed pharma partners in Asia and the Indian subcontinent to offer a full range of over 400 generic drugs for hospital and clinic use. We even procure various kinds of emergency medicines too.

Essential Healthcare PPE

PENTACARE PPE products consists of a full range of masks from 3-ply, 4-ply, FFP2 and FFP3 to N95 and KN95, nitrile gloves and nitrile suits, full PPE kits, head covers, knee and show covers, face shields and eye covers for use in COVID treatment or regular hospital environments.

Medical and Operation Theater Equipments

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