Chemicals & Raw Materials

Acid Degrreaser

Cleaner-Degreaser – A cleaning agent able to effectively remove dirt and light greasy soils; usually with a pH level of 7 – 10. Degreaser – A cleaning agent able to effectively remove greasy soils; generally with a pH level of 7 or above.

Neutral – 7 on the pH scale, making it neither acidic nor alkaline

Alkaline Degreaser

Alkaline  Degreaser  is a liquid alkaline  decarboniser, degreaser  and rust remover for motor vehicle and heavy equipment industry. Alkaline Degreaser also has the quality to remove green slime on concrete and buildings.

Pickling Solutions for Decorative Finishing Applications

Pickling Solutions for Decorative Finishing Applications Pickling provides thorough cleaning and activation of metal surfaces by removing the oxide layer of the material, which results in a pure metal surface, free of contaminants and oxides.

Technic supplies a wide range of pickling solutions for decorative metal finishing applications for brass, steel, zinc die cast, leaded brass, beryllium copper, aluminum, nickel, silver, tin, lead and zamak.


The main purpose of the flux is to prepare the metal surfaces for soldering by cleaning and removing any oxides and impurities. Oxides are formed when metal is exposed to air and may prevent the formation of good solder joints.


As a technique, passivation is the use of a light coat of a protective material, such as metal oxide, to create a shell against corrosion. Passivation can occur only in certain conditions, and is used in microelectronics to enhance silicon.

Hexavalent based passivations

Hexavalent based passivations (CrVI) exhibit a number of desirable characteristics . They will passivate the surface of  zinc  and  zinc  alloy  electrodeposits  with  a  thin  film  that  provides  end-user  benefits  such  as  color,  abrasion resistance and increased corrosion protection.

Trivalent chromium passivation

Trivalent  chromium  passivation  is  used  after  zinc  plating  for  enhancing  corrosion  resistance  of  parts.  In  the passivating  process, the amount of dissolved metal ions (for example zinc and iron) in the passivation  solution increases the longer the solution is used.

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